2 comments on “Gendered Anatomy

  1. RE Andeen says:

    Quick Sip Reviews (http://quicksipreviews.blogspot.com/2021/03/quick-sips-03192021.html) had this to say about Gendered Anatomy:

    A story that looks at the joys of body modification when it comes to gender, a sort of wish fulfillment that here is messily tied to economics, to marketing, to making money, and the result is fascinating and powerful and a mix of emotions. Complicated and short, it hits and it lingers.


  2. RE Andeen says:

    Karen Burnham at Locus (https://locusmag.com/2021/07/karen-burnham-reviews-short-fiction-bcs-tor-com-the-future-fire-lightspeed-and-escape-artists/) had this to say about Gendered Anatomy:

    The flash is “Gendered Anatomy” by R.E. Andeen in which Cam is a tech entrepre­neur doing a public product launch by literally stripping naked to demonstrate UMod System One, a body modification technology that can let someone’s gendered embodiment match their self-identity moment by moment. Cam is un­derstandably incredibly nervous but has a very supportive partner in Lore.


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